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Been Away

So, looks like my attempt to keep up the blogging thing failed. And looking back at my New Years Day post, I apparently failed to keep up some of my other goals for the year. No Jeep. Didn’t completely pay off the credit card. Still no closer to consolodating my tools. And man, did 2016 turn out to suck royally.

Losing all the celebrities we did sucked. The slide into facism ( or whatever it’ll actually end up being ) that the world seems to be experiencing is honestly terrifying. The way the world seems to be cheerily skipping down the road to hell is baffling.

However, things are also oddly hopeful. In the face of what might be coming in the next four years people are banding together to support each other. Despite the fact that we seem to be in an age where white supremicists are spilling out of the holes they’ve been hiding in, the people that oppose them are dug in and willing to fight.

So, 2016. Not sad to see you go. But always hopefull that the next year will be better.

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