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Sean Patrick Hagen

Vancouver based programmer who also does stuff with ttrpgs and video games.

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Who The Hell Are You

I’m a developer living in near Vancouver, British Columbia. I’ve worked for a wide variety of companies in the past, but always doing stuff related to web development. I cut my teeth as a youngin on Perl, later picking up PHP, then moving on to Ruby.

For the last few years though, I’ve been a full-fledged Gopher.

I’m also intruiged by hardware stuff like the Arduino or Raspberry Pi. I’m not a great electrical engineer, but I keep trying. One of these days I’ll manage to keep the magic smoke in the chips.

Gettin Creative

I’m also the co-host of a tabletop RPG podcast: DMs of Vancouver. My co-host Jessy and I talk to our friends and guests from the industry about various things you can do to be a better GM at the table.

I’ve also got a bunch of other creative hobbies, which are all documented here on this site.


You can find me on Twitter and Instagram.

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