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I've Got a Podcast Now

Well, this is certainly something to blog about.

I’m co-hosting a podcast. And it’s available now, on Google Play, which is several different kinds of scary and exciting.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I don’t know exactly why, but for some reason ever since I listened to my first podcast I’ve wanted to do one. Same thing with Let’s Play & review videos on YouTube. Something about doing something creative that other people can enjoy & critique.

Starting this podcast has been both easier and harder than I thought. When I pitched the idea to Jessy he was pretty gung-ho, which was awesome. Then we started planning, which at first felt like we were facing a mountain of stuff that needed to get done. Having a partner for this endeavour has really helped, because there’s someone there to help keep you motiviated. I think that’s part of the reason some of my previous projects have petered out – it was just me, so when I lost motivation there wasn’t someone to be the motivated one for a bit.

I’ve tried to do a Let’s Play before, which fizzled out. I’ve got a bunch of programming projects that I’ve started and have in various states of completion. But this podcast and my D&D campaign are the two things I’ve been able to consistently keep them moving forward. With the podcast we’re still early days, so we’ll see what happens. But if the D&D campaign is any indicator, as long as there’s at least one other person helping out and keeping me motivated, this will keep going.

Also, something I never realized before, but editing takes forever. Even though I’m not trying to shoot for perfect (not even close), editing seems to take at least two to three times as long as the recording. So if we record an hour of audio, it’ll take me at least two or three hours to edit it down into something we can release. Not a big deal, just something I’ve got to remember when I sit down to edit.

Anyways. I’m looking forward to recording more podcast episodes – we’ve already got two more guests lined up, and have plenty of topic ideas. I’m really curious to see what kind of feedback we get.

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