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Lockdown for What

·652 words·4 mins
I posted this on Facebook earlier today, and I want to post it here so I don’t lose it.

Looking Back

·2611 words·13 mins
I went over a lot of this in my post yesterday, but I wanted to take a deeper dive into what’s happened over the last year, and some other things that I’m trying to change.



Thinking About Patreon

·1416 words·7 mins
I’m pretty close to getting my whole Twitch/YouTube thing set up.

Fortnite Fun

·953 words·5 mins
I’m going to say this right out of the gate: I think I’m going to spend too much time playing Fortnite.

Inquisition Syndrome

·2102 words·10 mins
It’s Tuesday, and I’m a bit hungover, so instead of doing real work I’m going to write something.