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CBC Under Attack For Online Music Service

It seems like all the Canadian media companies are up in arms over the newly launched web app from CBC: . My understanding is that this web app lets users play music that they could listen to on any of the CBC radio channels ( let’s just assume the user happens to tune in at the right time to hear a particular song ).

The group of media companies – which is expected to include Rogers Communications and Corus Entertainment – are basically upset that yet another competitor in online music has emerged to satisfy Canadian users. The group is trying to argue “that the broadcaster has no right to compete with the private broadcasters in the online music space” ( link ).

Just for fun, let’s take a look at the CBC mandate ( emphasis mine ):

(_m_) the programming provided by the Corporation should

(i) be predominantly and distinctively Canadian,

(ii) reflect Canada and its regions to national and regional audiences, while serving the special needs of those regions,