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How About A Let's Play?

So I’m thinking about doing a Let’s Play series of my own.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff to figure out before I start doing one. As all of my computers are Linux-based ( Ubuntu, woot woot! ), I’m pretty sure I can’t do any PC games. I might take a look at doing some of the Humble Indie Bundle games that I’ve bought in the past, which might be fun – and would mean I could get some experience without shelling out the 200-odd dollars I’d need to buy the equipment I would need to record games from my PS3 or Xbox 360. There are a few things I need to figure out first though.

One of the main ones that I feel I should figure out is if I should try to do a “Spoiler Warning"-style Let’s Play. Spoiler Warning is an interesting LP format: one person plays, while several other people also watch and provide commentary on the game. The other way would just be me by myself, playing games and providing the commentary all by myself. I feel like the Spoiler Warning style would be more entertaining on some of the games I’ve got coming my way courtesy of Game – especially some of the older games that I’ve got in my queue because< I’ve heard bad things about them.

On the other side of that coin, doing a LP by myself lets be me a little bit more crazy.

I think I’m going to do a test run, using Super Meat Boy ( bought through one of the amazing Humble Indie Bundles, seriously, go take a look ). It’s a simple game, where I can figure out how I want to do this. Funny? Crazy? Lots of commentary? I don’t know, so I need to figure these out, and using a simple game should let me figure these things out.

Once I get the recording all figured out, I’ll do a video and post it to YouTube.

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