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MintyBoost Progress

So, this past weekend I put together the MintyBoost that I got in the mail last week.

It was pretty fun! It’s only the second time I’ve ever soldered something together, but I think it went pretty well. At least, it went better than the last time I soldered something together – I tried to make a little 555 blinky LED circuit, and I blew up the chip.

This seemed to go pretty well though. Take a look!

{% image mintyboost-1.jpg %}

I haven’t attached the USB header yet because I’m waiting for my multimeter to arrive in the mail. I want to test the voltages before I put the USB header on, because this is something I’m going to be plugging into my phone. I want to be damn sure this thing isn’t going to fry my phone. That would suck.

After I get this finished, I’m going to be putting together my DC Boarduino. After that, I’ve got a few projects lined up that should be fun. First on the list is making a little display that I can have on my work to monitor the status of builds in Jenkins, which will be nice. I’m also going to start planning out a LED cube, because I’ve been wanting to build one of those for a long time now.

It’s nice to finally get started on all these electronics projects.