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Vancouver based programmer who also does stuff with D&D and video games.

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So I figured that instead of trying to write my own blogging platform, it’d be better to just use a system that’s already built. The whole idea of trying to write my own blogging platform is a nice idea in theory, but it doesn’t work so well in practice. I keep thinking of new ideas, things to try, languages to check out, etc, etc. So it’s much easier to just use an “off-th-shelf” platform so that I can spend my time on writing, and not on daydreaming. Besides, I’ve still got all those “this would be cool in my blog” ideas in a list somewhere, and instead of trying to integrate them into a self-written blogging platform I can just write them as modules for other blogging platforms – or even as stand-alone plugins for whatever language.

My blogging platform of choice? Octopress!

It’s a much different style of blogging platform that something like Wordpress or Ghost – both of which I thought about using. The main difference is that I don’t write the posts using the blogging software. There’s no built-in editor. Instead, I write posts using Markdown and Octopress turns them into HTML files. It basically re-generates the site everytime I add a new blog post. The awesome thing about this is that I can choose a really cheap blogging platform to host my blog. I can even use GitHub Pages!

I’ve got a theme picked out, and I’ve forked it on GitHub. I’m going to be adding in some parts from other Octopress themes that I really like. Hopefully over the next little while I’m going to find some plugins to add some things like projects and other things that a portfolio site needs. Hopefully I’ll end up with a site that’s easy for me continue updating.